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Milwaukee County to sell zoo, fish hatchery to SeaWorld Adventure Parks


Milwaukee County Executive Chris Abele announced today, April 1st, 2013, that SeaWorld Adventure Parks will purchase the Milwaukee County Zoo and the Milwaukee County Fish Hatchery to build SeaWorld Wauwatosa.

SeaWorld construction scheduled to begin in June.

“This is an exciting project for the Milwaukee area with lots of economic development potential.For example, we have already lined up Ma Baensch Herring to be the official herring of the seal exhibit.”

SeaWorld spokesman Ian Thelwarus said the Milwaukee County Zoo was the perfect location for SeaWorld to expand operations. “We anticipate building a large roller coaster on the miniature railway footprint. We’re going to expand Lake Evinrude to accommodate our dolphin and killer whale shows. The fish hatchery will allow us to locally source our food supply for the exhibits. And we will be able to take full advantage of the educational and veterinary facilities already in place.”

When asked why “SeaWorld Wauwatosa” and not “SeaWorld Milwaukee,” Thelwarus explained that Wauwatosa worked better in the name. “It just rolls off the tongue. All those w’s,” he said. “We were also concerned about the negative connotations Milwaukee has for the rest of Wisconsin. Our surveys show that out-state residents consider Milwaukee to be a city plagued by violent crime and car-phobic, incompetent politicians. Wauwatosa makes people think, ‘It’s almost Brookfield.'”

Abele said the SeaWorld theme park will result in hundreds of jobs for the Milwaukee area. “I’m also excited because SeaWorld has promised to give SeaWorld Wauwatosa a very strong local flavor. They will have Asian Carp Aerial Acrobatics, performing perch, and even smelt races. Of course, you’ve never had a Friday Fish Fry until you’ve had one SeaWorld style.”

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