Wednesday, November 22nd, 2017

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel is posturing preposterously


The Lakeland Times in Minocqua follows up on this article I did for the MacIver Institute for their December 3rd, “The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly.”

The bad … As Sarah Palin might say, the lamestream media is at it again. We like to call it the corporate media, but either way, as the MacIver Institute pointed out this week, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel is posturing preposterously.

In a piece written for MacIver, James Wigderson points out that the newspaper has called in an editorial for Walker to flip-flop on the high-speed rail issue and support it, even though Walker campaigned aggressively that he would stop the train in its tracks.

At the same time, Wigderson observes, the Journal Sentinel has created a Walker Watch to catch any campaign promises he might break.

So the newspaper hopes Walker breaks his campaign promise on high-speed rail, which would evidently be a win-win for them – he would then support the newspaper’s position, while the editors could nail him with a “gotcha” on their Walker Watch of broken promises.

That’s corporate media hypocrisy at its worst – or maybe it’s just lame.

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