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Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett announces windmills at former Park East Freeway site


Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett is expected to announce today, April 1st, 2013, the building of fifteen windmills by WE Energies at the former site of the Park East Freeway. In a press release dated for today, Barrett said,

“These windmills will be used to power the new downtown trolley system. It will almost be like putting sails on the trolleys.”

The press release also states that there will be no cost to the city of Milwaukee property tax payers.

“The windmills will be paid for through a combination of user fees and a special utility assessment on suburban energy users. Residents close to the windmills will be charged an annual ‘killed bird fee’ and a ‘flickering shadow entertainment fee.’ In exchange, local residents within the windmill fee zone will be able to keep any birds killed by the windmills as well as any ice that is thrown by the windmills.

In addition to the user fees, energy ratepayers in Racine County, Waukesha County, Washington County, Ozaukee County, and Milwaukee County residents outside of the city of Milwaukee will all pay higher energy rates to pay for the windmills, which is only fair since they will benefit the most from the windmills and the downtown Milwaukee trolley.”

Each windmill will have a base 262 feet high. The rotor blades will have a length of 148 feet. The maximum height of each windmill will be 410 feet.

“The stark white windmills will be a wonderful addition to the Milwaukee skyline,” Barrett said, “and much more useful than the Calatrava.”

Each Vest V90 turbine is capable of generating 1.8 MW of electricity.

When reached for a comment, Barrett chief of staff Patrick Curley said he was not concerned about vandalism to the proposed windmills. “It will be a spray paint free zone.”

When asked why the former Park East Freeway location was chosen, Curley said, “Hey, it’s not like anything else is being built there.”

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