Saturday, August 24th, 2019

Milwaukee Purchases Disney Monorail Train


MILWAUKEE – AFD News- In a late afternoon press conference Tuesday, Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett confirmed the purchase of a new carriage for the Milwaukee Streetcar system. The Walt Disney World Monorail Mark IV Red, used in the 1970s, will be modified to fit the fixed rail system being built in Milwaukee.

“I got it on Ebay,” Barrett explained. “It was a bargain for the taxpayers I couldn’t pass up. Milwaukee is a city of the future, and thanks to Walt Disney’s vision we’ll be a more modern city than Portland.”

The Disney Monorail Train Mark IV Red arrived at a Milwaukee maintenance yard Monday night.

The Disney Monorail Train Mark IV Red arrived at a Milwaukee maintenance yard Monday night. (Photo AFD News Service)

The Disney monorail train, purchased at the “Buy it now” price of $260,000 will need to be modified to fit the track system on Milwaukee’s streets. The estimated cost of modifying the vehicle is $1.5 million. However, the original cost of the monorail train was $6 million, so city officials are pleased at the cost of the purchase.

Barrett said the monorail train will make the streetcar system near self-sufficient, provided capital or operational costs are not counted, and federal and local subsidies come in at planned levels. “With this purchase, we hope to achieve the same ridership numbers that the Mark IV Red achieved in Orlando. We expect 150,000 riders every day to use the modified monorail train to commute to their destinations downtown. That’s 150,000 people shopping, working and spending money in our city.”

City Development Commissioner Rocky Marcoux said the purchase of the Mark IV Red was a, ”natural fit, since the streetcar stop at the proposed Couture building was inspired by my visit to Disney World.” He said it was too bad the mayor was too slow in bidding on the Ebay website or he could have bought a Mark IV Blue, too.

A Disney Monorail train waits to be modified to fit Milwaukee's planned streetcar track system. (AFD News Service)

A Disney Monorail train waits to be modified to fit Milwaukee’s planned streetcar track system. (AFD News Service)

Milwaukee Alderman Bob Donovan, a critic of the planned streetcar, said of the purchase of the Disney monorail train, “It’s just goofy. Do they really think this will increase ridership? What kind of Mickey Mouse operation are they running in the mayor’s office?”

However Barrett, speaking after the news conference, was unmoved by the criticism. “The Mark IV Red running on our streetcar system will make our city a unique tourism destination. It will be more popular than the Bronze Fonz.”

Unnamed city officials also confirmed to the AFD News Service that they are in negotiations with Disney for permission to play, “It’s a Small World,” on a continuous loop onboard the streetcar. Barrett’s office is hoping that the use of the popular and “inclusive” song will blunt criticism that the Milwaukee streetcar is doing nothing for the minority community in Milwaukee.

Do you think Milwaukee's purchase of the Disney Mark IV Red Monorail train was a good idea?

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