Tuesday, July 16th, 2019

More courthouse leak speculation


Bruce Murphy speculates on the source of the leak in the John Doe investigation into Scott Walker’s staff activities when he was County Executive:

It’s certainly possible that Maistelman was not the original source of the leak, but simply heard this rumor from others, and then passed it on to Sykes. So this would make them second or third-hand leakers, I guess.

So who might have Maistelman heard the story from? Why, none other than JS reporter Dan Bice. Bice has been on top of the John Doe story from the beginning; no one knows more about it than him. In an email Bice says he knew ahead of time that Wink and Rindfleisch were going to be charged, but wanted to get this verified by multiple sources, so held off reporting it. Meanwhile, of course, he would have been talking to many sources and tipsters. Did he let slip to Maistelman what he knew? Reporters sometimes divulge what they know to let another source feel okay about confirming the information.

Bice denies this is what happened — almost. “Frankly, I have no recollection of talking to Maistelman about Wink or Rindfleisch,” he says. So maybe he didn’t, or maybe he just forgot he did.

I love the part about Bice confirming from multiple sources. It’s not leaky over at the Milwaukee Courthouse. It’s a flood.

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