Saturday, November 18th, 2017

More Decker speculation


Democrats are still trying to figure out why Democratic State Senator Russ Decker voted against the state employee union contracts. But when they guessed that he might not be willing to vote their way, Democrats tried to get Decker to leave town.

Hansen says he and others tried to get Decker to go home rather than vote when it became clear he may play the spoiler.

“We were never positive about Decker,” Hansen said. “Going into session Wednesday we weren’t sure which way he would go. We suggested he go home, but he wasn’t willing to do that.”

Had Decker gone home, the Senate vote would have been 16 in favor of approving the union contracts, 15 opposed. Instead, Decker and Sen. Jeff Plale, D-Milwaukee, voted with Senate Republicans, bringing the vote to a 16-16 tie. A tie in the Senate means the bill does not advance.

One of the reasons given for keeping Jeff Wood around in the Assembly is that it was important that his constituents continue to be represented. But when the Democrats wanted something passed for a key constituency, all ethics be damned Get one State Representative out of jail, ask a State Senator not to represent his constituents. What a pretty picture Democrats presented at the end of this legislative term.

By the way, that deal to make sure State Senator Julie Lassa ran unopposed in the 7th Congressional District primary just keeps looking better and better.

Update! 12/20/10 10:30 PM

By the way, just where was State Representative Mark Radcliffe (Dem-92) when the votes were taken?

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