Monday, November 20th, 2017

More thoughts on yesterday’s blog summit


You would think with so many mainstream media types in the room, yesterday’s blog summit might have received some coverage. Well, Wispolitics covered the summit. Let’s see if anyone other than the bloggers covered it.

Owen searched the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel and… nope. Of course, the two writers assigned to cover blogs weren’t there. They might have actually learned something, rather than just found an out-of-context line to fuel their contempt. Mandy Jenkins, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel blogger at the Blog Summit who complained we weren’t “reporters”, hasn’t bothered to write anything either. Must not have worked with her deadline schedule.

Nothing in the Waukesha Freeman, as of yet. We’ll check tomorrow’s paper. (My column doesn’t run until Thursday.)

Nothing at the Wisconsin State Journal. Maybe they didn’t like Mark Pocan picking on them. Nothing in the Capital Times either (too few lefty bloggers).

When we find one of them reporter people who actually graduated from a journalism trade school capable of covering the news at an event they were actually attending, I promise to bring them to the attention of my readers.

Of course, the easiest promises are those I’ll never have to make good on.

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