Saturday, July 20th, 2019

More Wigderson and his critics, guest starring Darryl Enriquez


More reaction to this column that appeared in the Waukesha Freeman on December 8th.

Wigderson, Enriquez

It’s time for James Wigderson to put up or shut up. His personal attacks on the mayor of Waukesha are nothing but sour grapes because the candidate with an election sign in his yard, Darryl Enriquez, lost in the primary. It appears that Darryl is stooping to Wigderson’s level of personal attacks with his latest columns. Run for mayor, Wigderson. We’ll gauge the election results as a referendum on your column – you lose and the column goes. You win and you’ll get the respect the office of mayor should get.

This oddball bitterness is old, folks, really old. In the spirit of Christmas, boys, try practicing what Jesus taught you – respecting and loving others. Disagreements are fine and encouraged, but you crossed the line on being civil a long time ago. Start making your opinions professional and dignified, not one-sided and personal. The Freeman readers expect that from a professional newspaper.
* * *
I think there was a misprint in the Wednesday op-ed piece by Darryl Enriquez. He wrote a lengthy article about Jane Ameel but never once bashed Mayor Scrima. How can this be?
* * *
Last week, Wigderson, in a very highly predictable manner, missed the opportunity to congratulate Mayor Scrima, Steve Crandell and the council members who supported the mayor’s original veto of the budget for their hard work and cooperation. The constituents won. After Wigderson’s article last week, someone wrote a petty comment about the mayor’s Christmas greeting and that he was lazy. Whoever wrote the comment either passed out or was too lazy to sign their name. I wish the detractors would sign their names so it doesn’t appear to be the same three people writing all the classless comments. In the words of the immortal Mike Ditka, “C’mon, man!”
– Robert Tolbert

1) I don’t recall having a Darryl Enriquez sign in my yard. Not that it matters. Thanks for stalking the wrong house.

2) I gave up politics long ago. I’m a writer. It’s what I like doing. Even when I was in politics, the one thing I liked about it was the creative side. My ambition for the next year is to work on two books I’m writing, not planning a race for mayor. (Sorry George.)

I’d suggest Scrima do the same, but I’ve seen his work. (Voters in Loyal, WI might question the judgment of their mayor.)

While it’s tempting to run for mayor, and the opportunity is certainly there (I estimate I could raise about $75,000-$80,000 of other people’s money to make the run), other people will run for mayor when the time comes. This city has never had a shortage of candidates. I’ll be happy to write about them.

There is a referendum on my column, and it doesn’t have to wait until the next election. It’s called, “sales.” And since the circulation manager keeps smiling at me, people are still plunking down the 50 cents every Thursday just to see what Wigderson has to say.

3) The “respect” that any office holds depends on the office holder. Tony Soprano had a great line, “Those who want respect, give respect.” If the mayor and his supporters had a little more respect for others, the mayor might get a little more respect in turn.

That said, the criticisms I make in the newspaper of Scrima are directly related to his role as mayor. Always. They are never directed at his personal life.

As for what Jesus taught me, I remember something about, “render unto Caesar…”

4) Robert Tolbert complained that one of the mayor’s detractors in the Sound Off was anonymous. Ironically, the two Sound Off comments made by the mayor’s supporters before Tolbert’s were both anonymous. Ironic, but not unexpected.

The mayor’s remaining supporters often hide behind anonymity to attack others for daring to criticize the mayor. They do it here, Too Kool, other blogs, in the Freeman Sound Off, Patch, and in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. Even one school board member, Steve Edlund, attempts to ridiculously hide behind the pseudonym “Blue Collar Conservative” when he comments on websites in support of the mayor.

Instead of worrying about who is calling the Sound Off and whether they can be harassed, Scrima’s “smart people” should do some work to shore up their candidate.

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