Friday, November 17th, 2017

My husband is a Cheap Date!


James and I visited with other bloggers yesterday at “Drinking Right” at Papa’s Pub on Burleigh. First round on the house and pizzas served regularly.

Upon entry into the pub, I was greeted by several popular conservative bloggers including Aaron from Subject to Change and his girlfriend Kelly who used to work with me. Mike at Spring City Chronicle who happens to know our neighbors living in the trailer. I also met Dave Casper of Ask me later, Sean Hackbarth of The American Mind, Nick Schweitzer of The World According to Nick, Matt Thomas of The Right Side of New Berlin, and many others.

I was pleased to finally meet Brian Fraley of Fraley’s Daily Takes who also subs on Jay Weber’s Show on WISN in the mornings as well as being the political analyst on WISN’s Early Spin. My husband saw Brian and said “Has my wife told you that she has a secret crush on Jay Weber?” to which Brian responded “Yes, she just asked me for his phone number and I told her 414-799-1130.”

The free pizza was served and James went right up to the bar and filled a plate of pizza and garlic bread. He promptly returned and handed it to me. After that-I hardly saw him all night as he was too busy gossiping amoungst the other bloggers and having a few beers. There goes our “date night” without our kids. We barely spoke to each other accept when I told him it was time to leave and finish his Freeman Column.

We left at 9:30 -Had a super time and did not spend one dime! What a romantic evening!

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