Sunday, August 18th, 2019

My nominees for the MacIver Institute end of the legislative session awards


Last night I posted the winners of the MacIver Institute’s first ever End of the Legislative Session awards.

Here were my nominees:

Taxpayer Hero – Has to be State Representative Leah Vukmir, for stopping the RTA with a timely amendment.
Taxpayer Villain – State Representative Jeff Wood. He’s going to jail, the legislature is going home, and he adds a staff member. The former father of TABOR sold every vote to the Democrats just to cling to his seat a little longer.
Friend of the Free Market – State Representative Bill Kramer. He almost got the minimum mark-up on prescription drugs repealed.
Outstanding Citizen-Legislator – State Representative Stephen Nass. Alone among his colleagues, he demanded the legislature have some standards of conduct.
Most Powerful Capitol Player – State Senator Russ Decker “Hey look Jim. No bills.” When Decker says its time to go home, everyone goes home.
Least Effective Capitol Player – Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett. His party’s candidate for governor, he certainly does not have a lot of friends in Madison.
Jedi Mind Trick Double Speaker The Public Service Commission “No, really, if we choose more expensive alternative fuels, energy costs will go down.”
Mr. or Mrs. Sensitivity – State Representative Pedro Colon. When he criticized his colleague State Representative Nass for attending his mother’s wake rather than being in Madison, Colon demonstrated that he’s a real low-rent jerk.
Steel Spine – State Representative Jim Ott, no fair weather friend. Ott stood up to the environmentalists and won the battle over the global warming bill.
Spine of Jello – Speaker Mike Sheridan. Have you noticed the skirt lengths worn by lobbyists have grown shorter? Not since Salome danced was a leader so malleable to a pretty face on an issue.

Note: I hoped to have this posted at noon today, but circumstances beyond my control prevented it. – JW

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