Tuesday, November 21st, 2017

Mythbusters Live at the Pabst Theater


Amy Pawlak gets starstruck and learns a better way to keep beer cold, all in the same evening:

After the Q & A, Jamie and Adam {of Mythbusters} did what they do best. They experimented.

This being Milwaukee, they had four volunteers come up on stage and gave each a cooler and a can of beer. They made one a control, gave one a cooler of ice, the second a cooler of ice and water, and the third a cooler of ice, water and salt. After five minutes, the beer was tested and – just like the show – the cooler with the ice/salt/water mix had the coldest beer.

But Jamie and Adam never stop there. A myth – or a demonstration – isn’t complete until it’s over-the-top. So they took the last can of beer, stuck it in a 5-gallon bucket, and blasted it with the contents of five fire extinguishers. Naturally, this can of beer was the coldest.

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