Monday, November 20th, 2017

Nasty and Bitter move to Muskego


I’ve already received a couple of nice e-mails about this week’s column on the possible recall of Mayor Charles Damaske in Muskego.

Mayor Charles Damaske of Muskego is at the center of controversy again, and this time it threatens to remove him from office prematurely. With about 18 months left in his first term of office, Damaske faces a possible recall by the Muskego Seven (they don’t have a name yet, so I thought I would help them out). The Muskego Seven are calling their friends and neighbors in the next two weeks to find out if they should proceed or let Damaske finish his term.

Those must be fun conversations, eh? “Hello, Edna Svaardburg? Do you think we should start gathering signatures to recall a mayor who allegedly shoved a woman in an allegedly unsafe structure?” You can’t pay for poll questions like that.

I’m not a big fan of recalls, and the move by the state to make them even easier in municipal government – more time, less signatures – means we can expect more recalls in the near future.

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