Saturday, November 25th, 2017

National School Choice Week is coming to Wisconsin tomorrow


Andrew Campanella, President of National School Choice Week, and the Whistle Stop tour for school choice are coming tomorrow for a breakfast event at the Grain Exchange. I interviewed Campanella on Saturday for the MacIver Institute, and the article appears on their website today.

An excerpt:

I spoke with National School Choice Week President Andrew Campanella on Saturday as he was riding the train from Los Angeles to Albuquerque, NM. Campanalla said of the stop in Milwaukee, “I’m interested in seeing what folks in Milwaukee are going to be speaking about. It’s amazing we have Governor Scott Walker standing side-by-side with Mayor Barrett after they ran against each other twice in the span of a few years. So, I’m really excited we’re bringing together people who can find at least a sliver of common ground on this issue.”

“If we can agree that we need to provide parents with options and then we can work the details out – I know that it’s hard to work the details out – at least we came to an agreement on something. And I think this is a huge step in the right direction. We can’t exclude anyone from this discussion. We can’t say that just because someone is not for one form of school choice or the other that they’re not welcome. We want to include everyone in the big tent discussion. ”

Campanella said National School Choice Week started “organically” two years ago when parents were concerned that opponents of choice were dominating the education discussion. “So parents got together and they said let’s have one week where we can celebrate and have our voices heard, and that became National School Choice Week.”

The first year National School Choice Week had 50 events nationwide. The next year there were 406 events. “And the third year, this year right now, we are going to have 3,500 independently planned, independently funded events all across the country.”

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