Friday, August 23rd, 2019

Ned Yost, gone?


A source told Bruce at Badger Blogger to expect Ned Yost to be replaced as manager on Monday by Ted Simmons.

Update! Tom Haudricourt pits his anonymous source against the anonymous source at Badger Blogger. Haudricourt’s use of an anonymous source makes him more responsible than the Badger Blogger using an anonymous source, because Tom Haudricourt is an accredited journalist. But because Haudricourt is a responsible accredited journalist, he can quote the Badger Blogger without linking to it while making fun of it. Of course, I’ve offered my opinion of accredited sports journalists before.

Meanwhile, Dan Lamonthe reports on this titanic struggle between blog and newspaper.

— If BadgerBlogger is wrong, how much does it feed in to the premise that we bloggers are a bunch of gossipy, insufferable fanboys?
— When should other media outlets — and mainstream media, in particular — pick up something like this? Already, the report has spread to Wisconsin sports radio, and it only figures that it’ll snowball from there.

— If the report is not true, does it have any impact on Yost’s job security?

The other Journal Communications property, WTMJ-AM, is also following the story. So is the blog Right Field Bleachers.

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