Tuesday, November 21st, 2017

Neumann makes Tom Barrett look classy


Former Congressman Mark Neumann isn’t above using a tragedy to tar and feather his opponent in the Republican primary for governor before the facts are known. I’m just going to put the two statements up and you decide who’s showing a bit of class.


WAUKESHA, Wis. – June 25, 2010 – “First and foremost, our thoughts and prayers are with the families of the victims.

“Government’s legitimate functions include providing safe infrastructure for its citizens. This concern must be paramount.

“It is clear that along with this latest tragedy, the county courthouse, the Zoo Interchange, and the Hoan Bridge, a number of structures in Milwaukee County are in various stages of disrepair. A full investigation and safety review is absolutely warranted, particularly for structures and facilities that have already been flagged for critical problems.

“This is heartbreaking. Sue and I are deeply sorry to hear of this terrible loss and the families are in our prayers.”


Milwaukee Mayor Barrett: Statement on O’Donnell parking structure tragedy

I extend my sincere sympathy to the family of the victim and to the individuals injured in this very tragic accident. The Milwaukee Fire Department and the Milwaukee Police Department have performed admirably at the scene. We also have City engineers at the scene. I’ve directed all City departments to provide Milwaukee County with any assistance necessary.


Nice of Mark Neumann to thrown in a couple of items that, of course, have nothing to do with County Executive Scott Walker or Milwaukee County government. What a low-rent cheap shot artist Mark Neumann has become, trying to use a tragedy like the accident at O’Donnell Park for political gain. To think I used to have some respect for the man. Now I wouldn’t buy a used car from him.

It’s to the point that when I get a press release from Neumann’s campaign, I feel I have to take a shower.

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