Sunday, January 20th, 2019

Neumann-Ortiz is no Jesse Jackson


You’ll have to scroll to the end of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel article for the interesting part:

The steelworkers union has helped workers organize a national boycott of Palermo’s, which makes frozen pizza under store brand names, including the giant retailer Costco.

“Our involvement with the immigration workforce extends beyond Palermo’s and Voces,” said Maria Soma, assistant to the director of organizing for the steelworkers. The union’s work with the carwash campaign led to relationships with worker centers around the country, she said.

The workers, like Silva, said they didn’t count on a prolonged strike. Neumann-Ortiz, too, said she didn’t anticipate the strike would drag on and that the company would take such a hard line.

Using race in the extortion attempt usually works much faster.

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