Wednesday, November 22nd, 2017

Neumann’s Walker problem


Former Congressman Mark Neumann in 2010 running for governor. Photo by Steve Eggleston of No Runny Eggs

Former Congressman Mark Neumann’s campaign appears to be still dogged by the behavior of his campaign for governor against Scott Walker in 2010. We noted the issue when Neumann made a big point of supporting Walker in the recall election at the senate debate hosted by the Franklin Center.

Apparently the Neumann campaign is still seeing the ill effects of 2010. They’re running radio ads with Neumann claiming that if only he had known how good Walker would be as governor, he never would have run himself.

Neumann Campaign Manager Chip Englander described the buy as “heavy.”

“When I see a problem, I like to do something about it,” Neumann says in the ad. “That’s why I wrote a plan that balanced the budget when I served in congress. That’s why I helped start three Christian choice schools in Milwaukee’s inner city. And that’s why when I saw the crazy spending under [former Democratic Governor] Jim Doyle and his liberal friends, I ran for governor in 2010.”

“Frankly,” Neumann continues, “if I had known what a bold, conservative leader Scott Walker would be, I wouldn’t have run. I’m just glad I endorsed him on primary night, worked for his election, and then kept on working right through the recall. I’m proud to call Scott governor. I’m running for senate, to do in Washington what Scott Walker’s doing in Wisconsin. I’ve written a detailed plan that eliminates Obamacare, cuts spending, and balances our federal budget.”

An ad like this calls for some Olympic-sized eye-rolling.

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