Wednesday, November 22nd, 2017

Neumann left without date for the prom


Former Congressman and candidate for governor Mark Neumann promises to make some changes in his campaign staff, but he doesn’t indicate what changes he’s making:

“You’re going to see changes in our campaign moving forward on many different fronts until we get settled on a team that I’m comfortable with. You’ve seen changes in the past and you’ll see more coming,” Neumann said.

That ought to be a big boost to the morale of his campaign team.

Meanwhile. GOP insider Jim Klauser has endorsed Milwaukee County Executive Scott Walker for governor:

While the election is months away it is forcefully underway. 2009 saw the Conservative/Republican candidates compete. Now is the time to come together and support the strongest candidate who has the best chance to win.

I have been impressed with the growth and effort of Scott Walker this past year. He has truly earned his spurs. He is working hard; he has built a great organization; his campaign is drawing more people to it every day. He has sharpened his message. He has maintained his principles and integrity. We can expect the same in Madison.

This campaign will not be easy. The liberal other side is not above fallacious exaggeration and distortion. Scott needs our support to carry forward and win the election in November (which is not that far away). If you have not already committed, I encourage you to join me in endorsing and supporting Scott Walker for Governor. Let’s straighten out the Doyle-Barrett messes. We can believe in Wisconsin again.

Somebody should tell Mark Neumann that when the girl you brought to the dance just went out to the parking lot with another boy, it’s time to go home.

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