Tuesday, November 21st, 2017

Nevermind Nevermind


A Twitter conversation about Nirvana and whether the rock act was overrated resulted in this blog post by Sean Hackbarth:

A Twitter chat tonight with @LizMair@ToddThurman@CalebHowe, and others involved the supposed greatness of Nirvana. There’s no doubt they altered popular music for the better when Nevermind was unleased in 1991. But they’re also the most overrated band in modern times. Critics and supposed smart people too often speak of Nirvana in the same breath as The Beatles and Led Zeppelin. And it’s all pretty much based on Nevermind–or to be more exact “Smells Like Teen Spirit.”

My biggest problems with Nevermind is the energy level isn’t consistent. You get a blistering sonic blast with “Smells Like Teen Spirit” only for tempo and electricity to drop with “In Bloom” and “Come as You Are.” It stays that way until the punk explosion of “Territorial Pissings” and continues on “Drain You.”

I added in the comments at Sean’s site:

Nivana’s reputation is ridiculously inflated. John Miller at NRO even compared Cobain to TS Eliot. Really John?

That’s not to say it’s awful music. But some of it is really bad. I think Weird Al Yankovic nailed it during his parody video when he sang with marbles in his mouth.

On the other hand, the Unplugged performance was pretty good, making the argument that maybe Pete Seeger was right to try to cut Bob Dylan’s power supply.

I think the best assessment of Cobain came from the late Steve Allen, upon hearing of Cobain’s suicide, that it was a heck of a career move.

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