Monday, October 16th, 2017

New Berlin police state


There are different possible ways of interpreting why the conservative candidates running for the New Berlin school board are unopposed. Former school board member and current Alderman Bill Moore has invented possibly the most ludicrous reason,

“I’m very concerned about the way politics is occurring in New Berlin,” said Alderman Bill Moore, former school board member. “People are frightened about speaking out.”

Whatever people think of Matt Thomas and the other conservative school board members, I don’t think “fear” is the first reaction that comes. After all, Thomas and the others have never voted to steal the land of a political opponent, have never threatened to recall someone merely because they disagreed, questioned how political opponents raise their children, or even sent nasty, threatening e-mails.

Sometimes I find it amazing that some people would even be willing to stand up for anything in New Berlin. But if I were Bill Moore, I wouldn’t worry about being intimidated. We’ve seen who the bullies are in New Berlin.

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