Sunday, May 19th, 2019

New Marquette president


Marquette University has named a new president, current UW-Milwaukee chancellor Michael Lovell.

“As a devout Catholic, my faith has always served as the cornerstone of my life,” said Lovell. “Having the ability to openly share my faith in my professional career is something that I have always wanted to do. I am truly humbled and excited to become part of the Marquette family at this historic moment.”

Just a few thoughts:

1. Marquette University is Catholic? Who knew?
2. As a UW-Milwaukee graduate, I really, really resent losing a chancellor to Marquette. On the other hand, what’s the matter, Marquette? None of your graduates are qualified?
3. I hope Lovell didn’t have access to the UW-Milwaukee basketball team’s playbook. It would be just like those sneaky Jesuits.
4. As long as the university is undergoing such a complete change in leadership, maybe it’s time to change the team name again. How about something catchy, like Warriors?
5. Does Gesu still do the Sunday 6:00 PM Mass in under 40 minutes?

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