Wednesday, November 22nd, 2017

New Vote Yes for Marriage Ad


Vote Yes for Marriage has a new television ad for the final days of the campaign.

Vote Yes for Marriage is also looking for donations to fund the ad in some media markets.

Update! If you had trouble before, try it now. This You Tube stuff is too complex for me. It’s amazing this blog isn’t chiseled on stone tablets.

Update! From the Vote Yes for Marriage press release, the text of the ad:
Script – Vote Yes for Marriage Television Ad
(Little boy)
Grandma, my teacher says, if grandpa was a girl, its ok, you could still be married.
If we change the definition of marriage__..
(Pre teen girl)
God creating Adam and Eve, that was so old fashioned.
Our kids will be taught a new way of thinking.
He should have created Anna and Eve.
(Little boy)
If my dad married a man, who would be my mom?
(Last little boy)
I’m confused.
Marriage means a man and a woman. Vote yes to keep it that way.

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