Thursday, November 23rd, 2017

Newcomer has another challenger for Republican nomination


State Representative Scott Newcomer’s troubles keep growing.  He now has another challenger for the Republican nomination, business owner Chris Kapenga.  From the press release:

He is a Certified Public Accountant and owns Integrity Holdings, LLC, a business investment company.  Chris is acting President of Integrated Time Systems, LLC, which is an international provider of workforce time management solutions with over 70 years of history.  It is located in Brookfield and is wholly owned by Integrity Holdings.

“We have all felt the stress of Wisconsin’s struggling economy.  I have created jobs and understand what needs to be done to bring jobs back to Wisconsin.  That is what citizens are looking for,” Kapenga said.  His experience includes business ownership and management inmanufacturing, retail, distribution, agriculture, and professional services.  He also volunteers in various organizations, is Vice Chair on the School Board for West Suburban Christian Academy, and is a Director for the Financial Counseling Ministry at Elmbrook Church.

Kapenga continued, “The election for the 33rd Assembly District is also about ideals.  People are frustrated with those in politics who dance around issues in an attempt to be politically correct, so I am going to be very direct about this.  Our current representative, Scott Newcomer, has mismanaged his personal and professional life, and that has negatively impacted his public life.  The constituents of my district and of the state are the ones who lose in this.  We should expect more from public servants.  I will bring integrity and excellence back to this seat and be proactive in improving Wisconsin.  My actions, and not just my words, back that up.”

Chris and his wife Cari live in Delafield with their two children, Hailey and Sophie.  The 33rd Assembly District includes Hartland, Chenequa, Nashotah, the City and Town of Delafield, Wales, North Prairie, the Town of Genesee, and portions of the Town of Mukwonago, Town and City of Waukesha and City of Pewaukee.

Judging from his Twitter page, this campaign has been in the works for some time.

Talking with some Madison types the other day, they were surprised when I told them that Newcomer’s other primary opponent, Joe DeKlotz, raised $10,000 at a fundraiser in December in a snowstorm. Given that a total budget of $50,000 is probably a reasonable sum for this district, and that Newcomer is not as financially strong personally as when he ran the first time, $10,000 at one throw is not something to ignore.

Now there’s another candidate in the race, and he does not seem to be shy about going on the offensive. From Kapenga’s website:

We also want trustworthy leadership in government from people who live out their conservative values, making them worthy of being called a leader. On this I want to be direct and to the point. Our current Representative, Scott Newcomer, has failed us. This election is not just about issues, it is about ideals. Do we want to settle for mediocrity, or are we going to require excellence from those representing us? We should expect more from our public servants!Out of a deep respect for our form of government and a real concern for the current situation , my family and I have decided the time has come for me to run for public office. I want to bring my proven leadership and positive solutions to the economic challenges we face, and bring integrity back to the office.

He also has a 10 point pledge which includes, “10. I pledge to live my private life in a moral and ethical manner in order to more effectively carry out my public life.”

And then there’s the “Our District” section:

As you begin to think about this important election for our district and our state, I ask you to really scrutinize the incumbant Scott Newcomer. Part of being a good leader is talking straight, and the facts are that Scott Newcomer has problems in his personal and professional life. He has publicly disgraced himself and the Republican Party through his actions. Click here for just one of the articles that document some of the debacle he has gotten himself into. In this article Newcomer states that his situation has had “Zero” impact on his public career. Click here to see that is not true. Wiith all of these distractions is it possible to properly focus on serving our needs as constituatants? As a citizen of the 33rd Assembly District I expect more from those that represent me, and you should as well

On the issues page, Kapenga is clearly pro-life. On his bio page, we learn that Kapenga is active at Elmbrook.

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