Monday, November 20th, 2017

Newcomer: I did what?


This will only add to the perception that State Representative Scott Newcomer’s personal life is distracting him from his responsibilities at the legislature. Newcomer actually signed on as a sponsor of the bill to surrender Wisconsin’s electoral college votes to whichever presidential candidate wins the popular vote nationwide regardless of the preference of Wisconsin voters.

Charlie Sykes has Newcomer’s explanation:


I am no longer in support of the bill. You are right that it does go around the constitution. It does keep the electoral college in place but weakens it to the point it is meaningless.

I pulled my name off of the bill yesterday and no longer support the idea. I rushed into putting my name on the bill and didn’t do the proper due diligence upfront. I made a mistake and now I am going to fighting against it!

Thanks for the opportunity to explain!

Scott Newcomer

I expect his opponents in the primary will be bringing this screw up again and again, justifiably so.

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