Thursday, October 19th, 2017

Nice to know they have such high opinions of themselves


The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel is reporting the City of Brookfield’s finance committee rejected the idea of having a referendum for high cost capital projects.

Ald. Scott Berg asked the committee to discuss the merits of the idea and make a call on whether it made sense for Brookfield. But he agreed with his peers, and the city’s finance director, that it was not something Brookfield should establish.

“On the surface, it’s not a terrible idea,” Berg said. “It’s not that I had a certain dollar amount in mind.”

But he predicted that given the chance in a referendum, residents would vote down projects deemed necessary by city officials.

Well, yeah, that’s the whole point, oh mighty Pharoah. The slaves would like a say in whether they are to suffer higher taxes to pay for your pyramids.

(Like the analogy? I just watched Ben-Hur.)

“If our council gets out of control, then maybe it’s something we could revisit,” {Ald. Jim} Garvens said.

Like a 3.19% increase in taxes, as recommended by the city finance director? Would that be out of control?

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