Thursday, June 20th, 2019

No matter how many times they reassess, it’s still a funny-looking word


Oh, good, we just finished paying our taxes, and now it’s likely the city is going to ask for more:

The City of Waukesha Assessor’s Office will be sending out assessment notices on April 21, 2017. We DID reassess all properties, so all property owners will receive an assessment notice. The Assessor’s Office will be holding informal discussions or “Open Book” from April 24 thru May 12. During this time period, property owners can contact the Assessor’s Office to ask questions about their new assessment. Attached is the letter that will be included with all assessment notices

The Board of Review is the next level of appeal if the property owner is not satisfied with their assessment after talking to the Assessor’s Office. The first meeting of the Board of Review is scheduled for May 22, 2017 at 8:00 AM in the Council Chambers at City Hall. To appear before the Board, a property owner must file a “Notice of Intent” with the City Clerk at least 48 hours prior to the first meeting of the Board. They must also file a written “objection form” with the City Clerk prior to or within the first two hours of the first Board meeting. An appointment is necessary to meet with the Board of Review.

If any of your constituents should contact you with any specific questions, please ask them to call the Assessor’s Office.

My e-mail address has changed. Please update my e-mail address to

Paul Klauck CAE
City Assessor
City of Waukesha

The good news is, your property is probably worth more. The bad news is, you’re still living in it and paying the taxes on it.

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