Wednesday, August 21st, 2019

No, not the Blue Books


State Representative Tyler August wants to do away with my favorite bedtime reading, the Wisconsin Blue Book.

“I believe the Blue Book is a prime example of wasted tax dollars,” explained August. “In addition to rejecting my allotment of Blue Books this session, I have authored a bill that would eliminate future publication and printing of the Blue Book, which would save Wisconsin taxpayers at least $328,000 per biennium.”

According to a preliminary fiscal estimate, over 64,000 copies of the most recent Blue Book were ordered with a cost of nearly $300,000. Taxpayers were also on the hook for storage and handling costs, which totaled nearly $30,000 in 2010.

“Especially during tough economic times, it is important that state government cut back on spending. The Blue Book is not an essential service and is not needed,” said August. “The Blue Book is little more than an expensive state directory. If needed, contact information for state government is already available online at various websites.”

I believe Christian Schneider once saved money on wallpaper for the nursery by using the pages torn from leftover Blue Books.

It’s a cruel world when the Blue Book gets pried out of my fingers. I’d call to complain but even I would feel silly making the call after looking up August’s phone number on the internet like everyone else.

Maybe getting rid of the Blue Book would have the added benefit of getting rid of those stupid resolutions to make things the official symbols of Wisconsin, like the official fossil. Unable to look it up in the Blue Book, will anyone care if Wisconsin’s official state mineral is galena (lead sulphide)?

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