Friday, August 23rd, 2019

No protestors there


The Chinese Communists have finally figured out how to have a photo op with the Olympic torch without all those pesky protestors. Go climb a mountain.

Live television footage showed a Chinese mountaineering team holding up a specially designed torch — separate from the main Olympic flame — along with Chinese and Olympic flags on the peak of Mount Everest.

“One World, One Dream,” one of the climbers said on the approach to the peak, repeating the slogan for the Olympics. “We have lit the torch on top of the world,” another climber said.

The 19-member team broke camp before dawn and reached the top of the 29,035-foot mountain a little more than six hours later.

The climbers then all crowded together at the top of Everest and passed the torch among themselves.

Do you think any of the climbers looked around and said, “Hey! I can see burning Tibetan villages from here!”

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