Thursday, November 23rd, 2017

Northwoods League time is running out for 2010


Waukesha Mayor Larry Nelson said tonight, “the ball is in Chad Bauer’s court,” regarding the possibility of the Northwoods Baseball League having baseball at Frame Park in 2010. The mayor said he spoke with Bauer recently but that Bauer has been unable to secure financing for the stadium construction. Nelson agreed that, “Time is definitely running out.”

Chad Bauer is an owner of the Green Bay franchise in the Northwoods Baseball League who had hoped to bring the league to Waukesha.  The plan divided the community as park preservationists, environmentalists, neighbors to the park, and the Waukesha Taxpayers League opposed the planned stadium.

The agreement to build the stadium and play baseball at Frame Park had a contract date of June 1, 2009.  Nelson never signed the agreement after Bauer was unable to come up the necessary financing.  A new agreement would have to be approved by the common council who previously voted overwhelmingly for the proposal.  Nelson had hoped that the agreement could be approved with a June 1, 2010, start.   

However, Bauer has not been able to find the financial backing, blaming the poor economy.

When asked if the delay has made Nelson more skeptical of the proposed stadium and team, Nelson said Bauer “acted in good faith” in renovating the current playing field at Frame Park, “…something he didn’t need to do.”

(Note: Bauer signed the standard parks volunteer form when he renovated the field, and it was not part of any separate agreement with the city.)

City Administrator Lori Luther said that the proposed Northwoods Baseball League team was not part of the budget calculations for next year.

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