Saturday, August 24th, 2019

Not a bad night locally


Two of the three candidates that I endorsed in my Waukesha Freeman column won.

John Marek replaces Angie Van Scyoc in the town of Waukesha as the board chairman. Hopefully for those residents that menas they will reverse the decision on whether to be include in the city’s water service area. It should also end some, but not all, of the disfunction in town government.

In the city of New Berlin, Dave Ament will replace Jack Chiovatero as the mayor. If there is anything to be learned from this election, it’s that politicians should not call their constituents racist.

Just sayin’.

Unfortunately in the city of Waukesha it appears Lenny Miller missed unseating Alderman Roger Patton by the Maxwell Smart margin of eight votes. The good news is that I get another term’s worth of material for my column out of the incompetent Patton.

The rest of the Waukesha Common Council looks like it will be business as usual. Cory Payne, the son of Alderman Eric Payne, joins his father on the council by defeating Patton ally Russel Stewart. Democratic Party frequent candidate Marga Krumins was defeated by the incumbent Alderman Adam Jankowski,a skeptic of Mayor Jeff Scrima’s handling of downtown. Terry Thieme won re-election. Alderman Vance Skinner defeated former Alderman Emanuele Vitale rather handily, probably a tribute to Skinner’s contact with his constituents. Aaron Perry went door-to-door and defeated Key Westconsin owner Gary Krivos who had the misfortune to have ill-timed knee surgery keeping him off the election trail.

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