Friday, November 24th, 2017

Not a bad prediction


From my Waukesha Freeman column on July 21st:

In the case of the six Republican state senators that are being recalled, they will need to put the focus on the Democrats’ track record in screwing up Wisconsin fiscally, forcing the drastic budget cuts this year.

That will probably be impossible for two of the Republicans. State Sen. Randy Hopper has a messy divorce complicating that race. State Sen. Dan Kapanke has issues with his Northwoods baseball team. (My advice to any politician is to stay away from that league.)

However, the other Republicans can hold out if they define the Democrats in those races as being part of Wisconsin’s fiscal mess. This is especially true in the race closest to us, where Republican state Sen. Alberta Darling is taking on Democratic state Rep. Sandy Pasch.

Darling faced a much tougher opponent in 2008, Democratic state Rep. Sheldon Wasserman. Wasserman ran as a moderate and had the election advantage of it being a very Democratic year. Having President Barack Obama at the top of the ticket also helped Wasserman. Still, Darling hung on.

Now Darling faces a much more liberal Pasch. Darling should win, and Republicans should hold onto the Senate when the recalls are done.

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