Saturday, July 20th, 2019

Not his problem


The left has found alleged vote fraud (that never occurs):

Wisconsin Government Accountability Board records show Samantha Vos voted in the state’s April 3 election. Vos is the wife of Rep. Robin Vos (R-Rochester), the co-chair of the state’s powerful joint finance committee.

But records from Canyon County, Idaho show Samantha Vos swore under oath April 19 she was a resident of that state since early March. Vos’ declaration came as she filed for legal separation from her husband.

Wisconsin law requires twenty eight days of continuous residency prior to voting.

Attempts by 27 News to reach Samantha Vos have been unsuccessful.

Through a spokesperson, Rep. Vos declined comment, other than to note the casting of the vote was his wife’s matter.

Vos’ opponent in the upcoming November election, Burlington democrat Kelley Albrecht, told 27 News Samantha Vos’ vote in Wisconsin while a resident of Idaho was “unfortunate,” and said it indicated Vos had improperly voted, or made an improper representation to an Idaho court.

Election law specialist attorney Michael Maistelman of Milwaukee told 27 News Vos’ representation of being a resident of two different states simultaneously, even if for different purposes, was problematic for both voting and her family court matter.

So Representative Robin Vos and his wife are legally separated, she’s living in Idaho, she’s the one with the residency issue, but how does it have anything to do with Vos’ election?

But remember, according to the Democrats voter fraud never takes place, and when it does we’re not supposed to care. Just like another case our friend Mike Maistelman knows something about. Remember this one?

Search warrants obtained by TODAY’S TMJ4 shows the Milwaukee County district attorney’s office is requesting paycheck stubs and bank statements from their home states to determine if they were and are legal Wisconsin residents.

The three including Austin Thompson, who was arrested last year during an occupy protest, are accused of voter fraud by registering and voting even though they lived in a hotel.

Rick Baas, the vice chairman of the Republican Party of Milwaukee County, says he’s pleased the district attorney’s office is finally taking the allegations seriously. “It says the claims we’ve been making all along that voter fraud does take place and now we have a district attorney looking into it and we have a judge who believes there’s probably cause to have this investigation go forward,” said Baas.

But remember, vote fraud never happens. And if it does happen, we shouldn’t care. Or so we’re told.

By the way, it’s pretty sickening to see someone revel in someone else’s marital problems, and I suggest they consult former Senator Russ Feingold to see if he thinks it’s appropriate.

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