Sunday, November 19th, 2017

Not quite exclusive


I took the opportunity this week to look into a story about Norm Bruce, the owner of Martha Merrill’s bookstore, supposedly having exclusive rights to selling t-shirts promoting the “Guitar Town” public art project. I don’t know what was said at the Waukesha Downtown Business Association meeting. I do know that, given that Guitar Town is a public art project (and it is), if I wanted to create “WiggySha Guitar Town” t-shirts there is nothing they could do to stop me.

According to Rick Congdon, (former Doyle-appointed judge, Scrima personal finance minister, planning commission member, and chairman of the Guitartown Steering Committee), here is the current story on the t-shirts:

We ordered 1000 T-Shirts.  I’m not sure if the order was finalized yet because we had to collect the logos from our major sponsors.  We talked about Martha Merrills has being one of the retail outlets and I’m sure that we will end up selling them there.  We also talked about other outlets and will welcome any other interested parties.

The rules would be that the sales outlet can not take a mark-up or in any way make a profit from these sales.  All proceeds from any sale would go to GT, Inc. and eventually to charity.  This was actually Norm Bruce’s suggestion.  We did decide, however, that we would reimburse a vendor for any bank charges from credit card transactions.

The T-shirts will be distributed to everyone at the VIP reception (about 300)  The rest would go on sale the next day.

 Congdon also added, “Thanks for your interest. Your questions are valid and keeps us on our toes legally and ethically.”

He also added they are going for 501(c)(3). Just imagine if they had started there.

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