Saturday, August 24th, 2019

Not this administration, not this school board and not this year


Waukesha Forward, a group unfriendly to taxpayers, wants to push forward with a referendum for the Waukesha Public Schools. In this week’s column for the Waukesha Freeman, I take a look at the current school board and administration and lay it out there: no, no, no.

Now Waukesha Forward is calling for the school district to ask for more money in a referendum. We don’t know the full impact yet of the new contract with the teachers, we don’t know yet who the new superintendent will be or even what criteria the school board will use, we don’t even know for sure what money would even be necessary to support the schools, but Waukesha Forward is ready to discuss going to referendum.

Perhaps an appetite suppressant might be in order to curb their desire for other people’s money.

The message from the public should be loud and clear. There is still far too much work to be done to restore the credibility of the school district before a referendum can pass. Not with this administration, not with this school board, not this year.

Not until there’s a fundamental shift in the direction of the school district.

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