Tuesday, July 16th, 2019



Well, I don’t have Owen Robinson to kick around anymore. Ten years of blogging and he’s calling it quits.

Who will forget such great commentary from Owen such as, “neat.” Then there was the pithy, “interesting.” The immortal, “Wow.” And the all-time classic, “yikes.”

I make fun of Owen, but as someone who has been blogging for nearly as long, I can tell you how hard it is to feed the beast of daily blogging. Finding something everyday that not only interests you as a writer but that you think might be interesting to an audience is hard, especially when nobody is paying you for it. Day job, wife, kids, other family, trying to have a social life, are all real distractions from blogging. To do it for ten years and still be relevant is an accomplishment. All kidding aside, he should be proud to have had the impact he has had.

Owen is still going to continue writing for Conley Newspapers so West Bend liberals better not plan on going crazy. I also suspect we have not heard the last from Owen. Yelling at the television is not nearly as fun as hitting “send” on your blog.

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