Sunday, August 18th, 2019

Off with their heads


I know. It’s shocking that aldermen behave like, well, aldermen. From the Sound Off in the Waukesha Freeman:

What a group of pig-headed aldermen, Ybarra, Francouer and Tortomasi, who think they should usurp the mayor’s power, who was elected with 1,700 more votes than Nelson. This kind of childishness is uncalled for in Waukesha. If they want to meet with Milwaukee about water, it should be done after the mayor and his entourage have gone in and discussed it with Milwaukee. I am embarrassed for Waukesha that we have such petty, childish aldermen.

My favorite:

Shame on (aldermanic representatives Paul) Ybarra, (Rick) Tortomasi and (Joan) Francoeur for acting like loose cannons and setting up their own private meetings with Milwaukee to discuss water. Don’t they realize that Mayor Scrima was elected by the people – including THEIR constituents – because of concern over this issue? To plow forward as mavericks is NOT what the people want. We wanted new leadership that would openly convey all the options. Not only are you disrespecting the mayor, you are spitting in the face of your constituents, as well. Stop the power grab – lead as a team!

And then there’s this:

I really think that this city I live in is a great city. I moved here eight years ago and I started a family here. What happened to the integrity of this city? I think it’s on the way back now that we have Mayor Scrima in office. But what is hurting us the most, as I see it, is that we have some people on the council that just don’t seem to care about the needs and wants of this city. Maybe that is where the integrity is lost.

I was curious about a few things in Waukesha. Mr. Ybarra, the council overwhelmingly support to proceed with the application only. Why are you insisting on meeting with Milwaukee? After all, the city of Waukesha voted on what they want for water when they elected Jeff Scrima into office. I personally know that I am one of your constituents and have talked to you about my feelings regarding Milwaukee water. This type of political posturing has got to end. When will we start electing people into office that will actually listen? It’s too bad I am moving into another district. I feel sorry for the people in my district that have to count on Paul Ybarra to listen to their concerns and vote accordingly.

As for the people who constantly Sound Off about Mayor Scrima, maybe you people that constantly complain should put your energy into working together as a community. This city needs to work with what we have. Mayor Nelson lost. Get over it. …

Hey, each of the aldermen won their elections, too. Get over it.

Seriously, though. “Disrespecting the mayor”? “Mayor and his entourage”? I must’ve missed the coronation. I wonder if the crown interrupts our new sovereign’s sleep?

How many thousand of my poorest subjects
Are at this hour asleep! O sleep, O gentle sleep,
Nature’s soft nurse, how have I frighted thee,
That thou no more wilt weigh my eyelids down
And steep my senses in forgetfulness?
Why rather, sleep, liest thou in smoky cribs,
Upon uneasy pallets stretching thee
And hush’d with buzzing night-flies to thy slumber,
Than in the perfumed chambers of the great,
Under the canopies of costly state,
And lull’d with sound of sweetest melody?
O thou dull god, why liest thou with the vile
In loathsome beds, and leavest the kingly couch
A watch-case or a common ‘larum-bell?
Wilt thou upon the high and giddy mast
Seal up the ship-boy’s eyes, and rock his brains
In cradle of the rude imperious surge
And in the visitation of the winds,
Who take the ruffian billows by the top,
Curling their monstrous heads and hanging them
With deafening clamour in the slippery clouds,
That, with the hurly, death itself awakes?
Canst thou, O partial sleep, give thy repose
To the wet sea-boy in an hour so rude,
And in the calmest and most stillest night,
With all appliances and means to boot,
Deny it to a king? Then happy low, lie down!
Uneasy lies the head that wears a crown.

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