Thursday, August 22nd, 2019

Oh, you meant that 2nd amendment (updated)


WTMJ-AM’s Charlie Sykes is looking for our state’s attorney general.

Just read through the list of state attorneys generals who are supporting Second amendment rights in the DC case…. Wisconsin’s AG is notably absent. Has JB explained why?

Update! Charlie received an explanation.

Update 2! A concerned citizen asks around and passes the research onto Owen Robinson:

The Speaker did not receive the request to act until the Assembly had already adjourned the January session and therefore has not had the opportunity to bring a resolution to the Assembly floor. The Assembly is expected to take up the resolution when it is returns to the floor during the week of February 26.

Owen asks the fair question, what took JB so long?

Meanwhile, Owen Robinson also points to this Wisconsin State Journal story regarding the personnel matters at the state department of justice we’ve been following:

Carolyn Kelly, director of the special assignments bureau and the state fire marshal, was suspended last month with pay.

Her lawyer, Dan Bach, a former deputy attorney general, said Kelly learned for the first time today that the basis for her suspension was fewer than 20 e-mails she exchanged with co-workers, including James Warren, the former administrator of the Division of Criminal Investigation who recently resigned.

The e-mails referenced what Bach said were frustrations Kelly and others expressed over how certain matters in the agency were handled.

The exchanges took place between September and late December. During most of that time, the agency was investigating the fatal shooting of six people and the wounding of a seventh by an off-duty Forest County sheriff’s deputy, although the e-mails didn’t reference that investigation, Bach said.

Some of the e-mails also expressed Kelly’s belief that Warren was being “forced out” as DCI administrator, Bach said. Warren was Kelly’s boss.

In an e-mail previously obtained by the State Journal, Warren said his work life under Attorney General J.B. Van Hollen had become “very difficult.”

It’s unclear if that e-mail was part of the exchange with Kelly.

So we have the possibility that Kelly was punished because she was a “whistle-blower” over the Warren resignation. I suspect the Wisconsin State Journal‘s next move will be to request the e-mails, since they are all public record.

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