Saturday, November 18th, 2017

One final recall thought


The house is quiet right now. My dog Nelson just went to bed where he’ll probably dream of a buffet table.

Some time ago my wife, the Lovely Doreen from Waukesha, and I cast our ballots for Governor Scott Walker. (This isn’t a surprise to anyone so I don’t think I’m making news with a last minute endorsement.) it didn’t take long and the die is cast. Like much of the country we’re just waiting for the election results.

I just checked the yard and our “I stand with Scott Walker” yard sign is still there in the moonlight. Apparently yard sign thieves have more respect for “beware of dog” signs than the neighborhood rabbits.

Under the nearly full moon the city is quiet for the moment. Tomorrow so many people will go to work or fill their days with other activities. Many of them will barely note the passing of recall election day. I’ve often said that’s how it should be, that a government confined to its proper role should cause barely a ripple in the lives of ordinary people.

Unfortunately, these are not ordinary times, and the political opposition to Governor Scott Walker is not an ordinary movement. I tend to be blasé about much of the antics of the political left since comparatively speaking the current left wing of the Democratic Party pales in many ways to the leftwing movements of the 1960s or even the 1980s. But this election is a reminder, from Graeme Zielinski’s bizarre rants to the tragi-comic demonstrations in Madison, just how much the party has been captured by it’s most irrational elements. Then there’s just the endless corruption of the truth by those who should know better. Barrett knows the real jobs numbers but runs the ads anyway. Jud lounsbury, a former Feingold flak, spreads rumors about Walker fathering a child in college. The weird hunting claims by the Democrats, and so on.

I hear all this stuff about a guy I knew from my days in the College Republicans and I can scarcely believe they’re referring to the same person. Next they’ll accuse Walker of shooting a man in Reno just to watch him die.

At some point, all this craziness has got to end.

If Walker wins, as I predict, as a practical matter some of the madness will end. The recall supporters will have learned the hard way that using recalls for purely political ends will not be rewarded. Some of the demonstrations will lose steam. Businesses will begin hiring. Life will go on for Wisconsin, most of it anyway.

We’ll also be inundated with endless chatter from the mainstream chattering class, often in the form of a question but not intended that way, about how Walker will need to compromise in order to “heal” the divisions in our state. No mention will be made of the unions’ conduct or the left’s conduct since the 2010 November election, and nobody will ask them to reach out to Walker to end the bitterness even though they will have bee repudiated at the polls again.

But at least Walker and the Republicans will have a chance to move this state forward again. There is a lot that needs to be fixed in this state. We might as well start now with re-electing the governor to finish the rest of his term.

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