Saturday, November 25th, 2017

One game to decide everything


Dutton Peabody: [protesting his nomination to the statehood convention] Good people of Shinbone; I beg of you; I, I’m your conscience, the small voice crying out in the wilderness, I, I’m your father confessor! I. I’m; what else am I?
Tom Doniphon: Town drunk?
The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance

I’ll take on Senator Herb Kohl (D-Kohl Arena) on one condition: One game of Tecmo football, winner takes all, and I get Bo Jackson. You guys get Herb “I’ve never won a championship” Kohl to agree, and I’ll take him on. I’ll even do some serious trash talking.

Until someone sets up that tournament, I strongly suggest a write-in vote for either Fred at Real Debate or Aaron at Subject to Change.

So until that tournament is set up, please, no more comments asking me to run.

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