Monday, May 20th, 2019

Open records update


Business Improvement District President Norm Bruce, owner of Martha Merrill’s Bookstore, provided a paper copy of the emails that I requested instead of the electronic versions. However, he did not charge me like he intended, a charge I refused to pay. The issue came to a head today when I gave him a 9:00 AM tomorrow deadline to comply with the request.

However, attorney Mike Maistelman had the last word in an email to Bruce, making it clear just how serious the issue had become.

Mr. Bruce,

As Mr. Wigderson’s attorney, I feel compelled to intervene. I’ve sat by and watched the emails go back and forth and have not gotten involved. However, after your last email misinterpreting the Public Records law, I feel I must now get involved.

I suggest you speak with your attorney. A request for public records shall be fulfilled in the medium that the records are kept. If the records are in electronic format, they must be released in their original format. By printing the electronic records you are now creating “new” records.

I thank you for not charging my client, but given the delay and your faulty legal reasoning, you would have been required to pay Mr. Wigderson $100 in damages, as well as his reasonable attorney’s fees.

Please conduct yourself accordingly.

Attorney Mike Maistelman

In other open records news, Alderman Roger Patton had a meeting scheduled today with an investigator in the Waukesha District Attorney’s office today concerning the alleged destruction of public records.

Now comes the fun part. I get to read them all.

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