Friday, November 24th, 2017

Original art for sale at the right price


Imagine my surprise when a “possible” Jackson Pollock painting sold for $53,000 at auction. I say “possible” because there’s no proof it was done by Pollock. Could be art. Could be floor covering someone used while painting their garage.

As it so happens, I, too, have some original artwork that I might be willing to part with provided the price was right.

As you can see, I have an original Will Wigderson currently on private display. Untitled, it’s a self-portrait with his friend Caitlin in the background. The washable green marker reflects the artist’s experimentation with the medium while at the same time conveying the bright, spring-like energy of youth. He chose to portray himself and Caitlin smiling, perhaps recalling Da Vinci’s Mona Lisa. The sun in the background is in the northeast of the compass, reminding us that these happy figures are at the beginning of their journey. The sun also foretells a happy future. The author has agreed to autograph this one-of-a-kind work in front of the buyer to ensure authenticity provided a mutually agreed upon sales price can be met.
Also featured in the Wigderson private collection, an untitled abstract by Moira Wigderson. Clearly entering a blue period of experimentation, Ms. Wigderson combines bold strokes with undeniable enthusiasm that is in stark contrast to the normally tenative nature of the washable marker medium. Notice how the center blue line almost dares us to divide the work into half horizontally while the white space challenges us to divide the work vertically. This juxtaposition allows us to not only see activity and inactivity, but also the difference between more activity and less activity. This young artist may be a woman of few actual words, but you can tell she’s very expressive and certainly a promising talent at the beginning of her artistic career. This work is definitely very organic in its composition, very in the moment. Currently unsigned, the artist has agreed to authenticate her work on the back when a mutually agreed upon price is reached.

Or, if you like, I’ll write “Pollack, 10/26/06”.

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