Saturday, November 25th, 2017

Other reactions to the Waukesha County Board’s actions tonight


It’s very late (or very early), so just a quick look around.

Mike at Spring City Chronicle comments on “VillainWalter Kolb and Carl Seitz.

Jay Bullock notes that even if I spoke Spanish the County Board wouldn’t agree with me.

The Journal Sentinel reports Vrakas will sign the measure into law. They skipped the conspiracy theory.

Jessica McBride repeats the message she gave radio listeners tonight and calls it “a slap in the face” to Waukesha County’s citizens.

The citizens had collected 6,400 signatures by this afternoon.

Who are the Waukesha County supervisors to invalidate those signatures? Who are 21 supervisors to say their views have more weight than those of 6,400 Waukesha County residents?

Now, the Board’s decision does underscore “people power” – the growing impact of the citizen movement to alter the relationship between the citizenry and government in this state. That’s because the Board just downsized, even though many supervisors had indicated they really didn’t support downsizing. They knew the referendum would pass. In other words, the citizens changed the debate. They moved the goalposts from not downsizing at all to: How much?

But it’s absolutely outrageous for government officials to shut down the will of the people.

She calls on County Executive Dan Vrakas to veto the County Board’s action.

Jyd at A Different Take calls it “a huge victory for the Waukesha Taxpayer League.” I’ve got news for Jyd, they were closer than you think.

And before the vote, Chris at Spotted Horse explained how this was a big change from just a few weeks ago.

The initial report from is here.

Update! The Waukesha Freeman‘s take is here.

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel‘s story is here.

Update! 2 Jeff Wagner of WTMJ just announced a new policy before agreeing to moderate any more debates in Waukesha County. After reading my post on the debate, Wagner promises to ask the candidates if they’ve ever been abducted by aliens.

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