Friday, November 24th, 2017

Other than that, Mrs Lincoln, how did you like the play?


Good Catholic that I am, I believe in Purgatory. Will someone tell me what I did to be stuck at the County Clerk’s office last nice listening to Kent Woods repeatedly tell me, “I told you the City of Waukesha is slow reporting the results?” This was followed by, “You could learn a lot about politics from me.”

By the way, Kent Woods also told me that the Mark Green goal for Waukesha County is 130,000 votes. I don’t believe he had been drinking.

Judge Michael Bohren was thrilled to meet a “real, live blogger” at his age, and even asked me to visit him the next time I’m in the courthouse. If that was thrilling, imagine having your picture posted in an actual blog post! The judge stayed with us as long as he could watching the election returns. I suspect that he would have liked to stay until the end. By the way, the judge is available for weddings outside the courthouse, too. Now about those tickets I got for illegally posting yard signs…

State Representative Mark Gundrum also made a brief appearance at the clerk’s office last night to see the results. He told the group (toungue in cheek) he forgot he was going to be on the ballot, and was glad he could vote for himself.

Kramer campaign assistant “Ben” was a boy of few words. I had to pry his name out of him when we were the last people there. Relax Ben, I’m not going to try to steal your identity. It’s okay if you tell us your name.

Can I tell one story, just one? I’m not telling it to run Bill down, but just to make me laugh. While Bill Kramer was knocking on doors, he ran into one homeowner who said, “Okay, I have some questions for you.” Kramer replied, “I’m really hungry. Would you like to get a hot dog? I want to get a hot dog. I’ll be right back.”

By the way, the first Schmuki sign has been spotted. There is no truth to the rumor it was put up by Matt Thomas, Troy Fullerton and Alicia Silva. Royal blue and white. Gosh, I hope nobody confuses him with Jim Sensenbrenner.

One final note on the whole campaign: this one really hurt, and it hurt for everyone involved. To know Chris Lufter is to admire and respect her. Nobody worked harder for her own campaign, and she did everything we asked of her. She hit over 2500 doors in a short period of time, raised enough money to be competitive and did an amazing job of keeping her spirits up even as friends within the Republican party abandoned her. She did not fail her supporters in this campaign. She made us proud.

I only wish that as soon as I saw the numbers giving her a victory, I ran out of the clerk’s office before Kathy Nicklous could say the numbers were all wrong.

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