Wednesday, November 22nd, 2017

Our friendly Illinois brethern


Mike Smith wants us to look on the bright side of life and see the good in everybody, even people from Illinois.

Before Wisconsin became a source of rude, reckless – even dangerous – drivers, the car that passed you on the freeway dangerously over the speed limit, weaving through traffic, with no concept of courtesy or turn signals invariably seemed to be bearing Illinois plates. Consequently, many Wisconsinites came to resent drivers from Illinois. Uncharacteristic of Wisconsinites, an unkind acronym for these Illinois drivers was created. However, there were many Illinois drivers who drove responsibly and, therefore, we never noticed them.

This resulted in a bias against all Illinois drivers, which was unfair to good Illinois drivers whom we didn’t even notice, they being the unacknowledged complement.

As we didn’t notice the good Illinois drivers, so we sometimes do not think of the complementary portion of news stories.

He then asks, “For instance, if you’re passed rudely, at a high rate of speed, by a car with Illinois plates, will you presume all our neighbors to the south drive in such a manner? What, then, if you’re passed, rudely, at a high rate of speed, by a car with Wisconsin plates?”

Wait. Wait. I know the answers. Yes, and I would presume they moved here from Illinois. FIBs.

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