Thursday, August 22nd, 2019

Ozzie reads Walt Whitman


Over at Ape Culture, they explain the difference between Ozzfest and the Dodge Poetry Fest.


The first Ozzfest tour garnered a lot of press due to the inclusion of Marilyn Manson on the bill and the controversy he brings with him. Several cities requested that Manson not play, but Ozzy stood by his man/woman/hermaphrodite and kept Manson on the tour. The press and the high-octane bill which featured Type O Negative and Pantera made the tour one of the year’s biggest successes.

Since then Sharon has kept Ozzy on the road every summer and each Ozzfest has landed among the summer’s top grossing tours. Many bands have made it big thanks to side stage or early afternoon main stage slots on Ozzfest including Limp Bizkit, Drowning Pool, and Disturbed.

Dodge Poetry Fest:

There are living poets. Believe it or not.

And they give live shows called “readings”. Sometimes as many as 40 people show up. I know this because I have seen such things and have come back to tell you about it.

You won’t see any underwear flinging around (well, maybe at The Nuyorican) unless you’re talking about the symbolic underwear flinging in the erotic poems of Ovid. You will see poetry groupies but more often they will be bespectacled and disheveled. Spandex and thongs….yeah….you won’t be seeing that.

It gets better or worse from here, depending which one you have tickets for.

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