Sunday, August 18th, 2019

Peace Officers’ Memorial Day and Armed Forces Day


A number of readers are checking in today to see why flags are at half-staff. However, the flags are supposed to be at full-staff today because today is both Armed Forces Day and Peace Officers’ Memorial Day. Apparently there was some confusion at the governor’s office. Executive order 314 was issued May 7th. Executive order 315 was issued May 13th.

Title: EXECUTIVE ORDER # 314 – As a Mark of Respect for Peace Officers Who Have Given Their Lives in the Line of Duty – Peace Officers’ Memorial Day.
Date: May 15, 2010
Details: The flag of the United States and the flag of the State of Wisconsin shall be flown at half-staff at all buildings, grounds and military installations of the State of Wisconsin equipped with such flags beginning at sunrise on Saturday, May 15, 2010, and ending at sundown on that date.

Any jurisdiction of this state is authorized to fly the flag of the United States and the flag of the State of Wisconsin at half-staff on any day during Police Week (May 10, 2010 through May 16, 2010) for the purpose of honoring, in a public ceremony, peace officers who have given their lives in the line of duty.

Title: EXECUTIVE ORDER # 315 – An Amendment to Executive Order No. 314.
Date: May 15, 2010
Details: The Governor has issued an executive order for the flags to be at FULL STAFF on Saturday, May 15, 2010, due to Armed Forces Day. Federal law states that if Armed Forces Day falls on the same day as Peace Officer’s Memorial Day, that the flag be flown full staff.

I’m sure that between now and the time the governor leaves office his staff will have it figured out. We should be happy that they didn’t try to split the difference and order flags to be flown upside down.

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