Friday, November 24th, 2017

Political fish fry and it’s not even Friday


Are we having fun yet? Cory Liebmann, formerly of the self-described “partisan” organization One Wisconsin Now, has launched another fishing expedition, this time going after Mayor Ed Thompson of Tomah Wisconsin.

“Copies of all email from any email account that you use for official city business from 11/5/08 through 2/5/10 that fit the following search words and names:

“Senate”, “Vinehout”, “Doyle”, “Clinard”, “Kuester”, “Republican”, “Democrat”, “Libertarian”, “Obama”, “Palin”, “911″, “Bush”, “Potter”, “Rudd”, “Connelly”, “Schueman”, “Orr”, “Fuchs”, “Nordberg”, “Hepp”, “Mayo”, “ABC”, “Tommy”, “Arthur”, “Hansen”, “Martin”, “Kleckhefer”, “Googins”, “Donahue”, “Potter”, “RPW”, “DPW”, “September”, “MacIver”, “Americans for Prosperity”, “AFP”, “Wisconsin Manufacturers and Commerce”, “WMC”, “ALEC”, “American Legislative Exchange Council”, “Tea”, “blog”, “Block”, “Healy”, “Jensen”, “Fraley”, “Sykes”, “Belling”, “Walker”, “Ron Paul”, “abortion”, “marijuana”, “gay”, “Tee Pee”, “Barrett”, “Governor”, “Tax”.

When last we checked in with Cory, he was digging through State Representative Leah Vukmir’s e-mails. When I challenged him because I was included in the probe, he responded (in part),

I am trying to learn about how an elected official uses their state email account. This elected official appears to be engaged with right wing bloggers, so it seems obvious to include some of the prominent ones in my request. If there was a better way to take a look at how an elected official uses a state email account, I would have used it, but there are no real alternatives.

I’m going to suggest that answer now appears to be disingenuous. By an amaaaaaazing coincidence, both Vukmir and Thompson are running for the state senate as Republicans. One could argue that they are the two candidates most likely to defeat Democratic incumbents, flipping control of the state senate from the Democrats to the Republicans. Could be coincidence, could be somebody like the State Senate Democratic Committee is paying for these fishing trips, which would explain why Liebmann has refused to say how many times I’ve been referenced in these open records request.

Maybe we should start a pool: guess which state senate candidate will be the next to be probed by Liebmann?

But, c’mon. Tee pee? Seriously Liebmann? Maybe you should be sending open records requests to Congressman Steve Kagen for this kind of stuff.

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