Tuesday, July 16th, 2019

Political violence over a yard sign


I was late in posting last week’s column for the Waukesha Freeman on my website because of my trip out of town and then a sudden illness on my return, but the timing of the column was a little too good in light of what happened to Sean Kedzie, the son of State Senator Neal Kedzie.

I make jokes about yard signs being thief bait, and I’ve questioned the sanity of those who use booby traps to protect the darn things. But this is the first I’ve heard of a yard sign theft that became a serious assault, one that could have been far worse had not the neighbors interrupted the attack.

I address the issue a little more at length in tomorrow’s column for the Waukesha Freeman (still just 50 cents!) but in the meantime the Wigderson family prays for a full and speedy recovery for Sean Kedzie, and we’ll hope that his two assailants are quickly found and punished.

Somebody remind me again about the peaceful left.

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