Saturday, November 18th, 2017

Politico is at least a decade behind the story


Ben Smith at Politico reports breathlessly on Bill de Blasio, a Democrat in New York running for public office, because he happens to be in *gasp* an interracial marriage.  Smith describes Bill de Blasio as breaking “the last racial taboo.”

 Smith needs to get out more.  I was a consultant for a political candidate in an interracial marriage running for state senate in 1996 in a Republican primary.  Maybe we should have played up the spouse’s race to get national attention from gullible writers like Smith.

 I guess interracial marriages for politicians are only taboo-breaking if the candidate is an obscure Democrat instead of, say, a US Supreme Court Justice.

 Perhaps Smith and a certain justice of the peace in Louisiana should at least update their views of race relations to the 1990s.

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