Saturday, August 24th, 2019

Politico pitches softball interview to the Clintons


Gawker is reporting they have uncovered emails which shows Politico’s Mike Allen offering to do a softball interview of Chelsea Clinton.

Gawker has received another batch of Hillary Clinton aide Philippe Reines’ emails with reporters while serving under Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. Among Reines’ more frequent correspondents, it turns out, is Mike Allen. In an email dated January 10, 2013 and addressed to Reines, then serving as Deputy Assistant Secretary of State under Secretary Clinton, Allen floated the idea of interviewing Clinton’s adult daughter, Chelsea, during an upcoming brunch hosted by Politico. Attempting to secure an interview with the daughter of a likely presidential candidate is, of course, far from unheard of. What makes Allen’s ask unusual is that he appears to assure Reines that he’ll produce totally positive coverage of Chelsea Clinton…

The emails promise to send the questions ahead of time for Chelsea Clinton’s approval. It’s one thing to do a soft interview of a political family member, it’s another thing to allow them to pre-screen the questions, especially given Chelsea Clinton’s role* with the Clinton Foundation. It shows the unfortunate cozy relationship between the media and the Democrats that colors so much of the coverage of the presidential race.

If Politico wants to restore its credibility it will need to fire Allen. I suspect Politico will not show that much concern about its credibility.

* If push comes to shove, would Hillary Clinton let Chelsea Clinton go to jail if it meant saving the presidential campaign?

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